Friday, January 21, 2011

Gary McCord got it all wrong!

Gary McCord recently wrote an article for Golf Digest about a putting style called Face-On Putting. I would quickly like to note that we are not a fan of his and he really got it all wrong.

I have included a page on that gives you some information about this putting style and the putter you will want to have to best master this putting stroke. You can check it out at - .

We feel comfortable telling you about this putting style as a way to get more enjoyment when you play.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, June 28, 2010

The Best Fathers Day Gift I Ever Recieved

I know I am one of the most difficult people to buy a gift for. I usually just buy what I want when I think I need it. I know that I don't need any more golf shirts. I definately have more than I should in the way of golf equipment. I just have too much stuff! So, yes, I am a hard person to gift.

Well, this Fathers Day I was surprised, really surprised with a very unique memory box. I was given the best Fathers Day present that I have ever recieved.

My daughter, Mary, recently spent a lot of time hiding out in our office/craft room. I was not allowed to enter. When Mary sets her mind to somethng she is really creative and the results simply made my jaw drop in awe.

Mary put together some really cute golf themed items, a picture of us at a driving range and finished it off with a very nice note that took my breath for awhile. Mary wrote about how she loved spending time together and her love of the game of golf. She also mentioned she was learning from the best - and who am I to argue with that.

It was really a special Fathers Day and an awesome gift! I am very lucky to have a wonderful daughter.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally got to play - only nine holes while on vaction to the Dells in Wisconsin. Had to rent clubs because I did not have room in the car for mine. Yes, we overpacked!!!

A great day for golf, sunny and in the high 70's. My daughter played as well and we had a great family day with Debbie driving the cart.

The picture is me on the first tee - rather short hole, 250 yards to the center of the green. I started out with a good shot - drove the green and then proceeded to three putt. Remember I had to rent clubs - at least that is my excuse for not getting an eagle or birdie.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tom Watson - Lessons of a Lifetime

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a conference call with other golf writers talking to Tom Watson. The phone call lasted about one hour and we were able to ask Tom questions about his new DVD program titled - Lessons of a Lietime.

It was really slick. Tom related stories about how he learned to play the game of golf from his father and other celebrated teachers. His shared with us some secrets to his long time success from a personal and professional nature.

If you have a chance to purchase the DVD program - we highly recommend it. Every golfer will learn a lot from watching and then putting into practise what Tom suggests. It is a golf instructional program for those just learning the game as well as those who have played for many years - no matter what their handicap.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New grooves and old grooves

I just read an article about the new grooves on irons that golfers will be having to purchase. Tour players now, and us weekend golfers in the future.

The article was very technical - it discussed launch angle, spin rate, apex, descent angle, and more. The test they performed went into detail about the ball, weather, golfers, and all kinds of stuff. They used a 56 degree wedge, manufacturer unknown.

What was very interesting was it could be broken down to a couple of sentences...

If you play the new grooves, then shots from the fairway will roll about twice as far when they land on the green.

If you play the new grooves, then shots form the rough will roll about twice as far when they land on the green.

Here is a bit more for you. Shots from the rough will roll about three to four times as much as they do from the fairway. Didn't matter whether it was new grooves or old.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Booby Grace Putter

I just got a Bobby Grace Triumph putter. My initial reaction is really good. I normally do not like the grips that manufacturers use but their grip is really comfortable and fits my hands very nicely. The balance of the putter is great, I was playing inside (Too cold in Chicago to go outside) and found it very easy to take the club away and swing back through keeping the putter head online and on target.

Will let you know more when I have a chance to putt for real.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Start of the 2010 Golf Season...

OK, call me crazy, we just got about a foot of snow and I am now gearing up for the 2010 golf season. This happens every year around this time. I can hear my clubs rattling in the basement with muffled sounds of, "Let me out, Let me out." I go and check on them to reassure them that it won't be too much longer.

In January in Orlando, FL the PGA Merchandise Show is held. It is quite difficult for me to get there, work seems to get in the way. But, we do have a good golf show every February in Chicago.

This is the start of my golf season and golf planning. I look forward to going to see new equipment, new training aids, some old friends, and much more . I start thinking about getting into "golf shape" so I am ready to play on a moments notice.

This year is going to be a bit special because I am taking my daughter. She is still in the early learning stages of golf, but I know she will have a good time. And besides, it is a great way to bond and talk about things I enjoy that I trust will be someday things she enjoys.

I have already printed the list of exhibitors and have contacted some to introduce myself. I have
found this is a great way to find out about products that would be important to include on our web sites. I hope to have my daughters web site ready in the Spring with some of the items we will see at the show.

With the web site I try to find the best and most interesting products from the show to highlight. Some years are better than others and year year I don't see some of the brand names I am found of on the exhibitor list. I know some have gone out of business and hope others are just late in registering.

I will do my best to have items for all of our sites listed as soon as possible after the show. So if you are looking for what is new please check out each site.

Here they are for you; and

My daughters web site is going to be called - Please take a look at that for ideas for the lady golfer in your life.

Check back for our comments about the Chicago Golf Show, here is their web site -

Thanks for reading.

Larry - the weekend-golfer